The best way to give light to our outfits

White brightens our appearance and easily brings a lot of style. Traditionally, we have reserved white looks for the summer season. However, in recent years we have started to introduce white at all times of the year.

White for the hot temperatures

Of course, white looks are a fantastic option for summer time. Our proposal to show it off?

Let us give you our favorite look. It is formed by a trouser and shirt, easy does it. White on white always works! You can opt for this combination on almost any occasion. Also, if you want to give the look more personality, compliment it with accessories of a different color to counteract the monotony.

Another less informal, but equally valid option is a white summer suit. This is formed by trousers + jacket for arranged events or important work meetings. We assure you success wherever you go!

White for cold temperatures

Even though we are in summer, it is a good time to be inspired and start planning for the next season. The it-girls make it clear: You can shine a light in white even in the greyest and colder days.

A trouser (or skirt) and a top (shirt, sweater or shirt) is all you need to start creating your total white winter look. From there, you can add accessories of the same tone – all in pristine white – with coats and boots for a monochromatic style. Other influencers use accessories in of the different color, and make for example a black bag a protagonist. Which do you prefer?

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