4 Spring Looks with Boots from T.ba

The cool days fly by and we are entering a new season. Now, were are looking for new ideas to combine the star complement for a long time, namely the boots. The boots that will solve your outfits are from T.ba.

For this reason, we have collected some inspirational looks with tall boots that we think you can’t resist (regardless of your style).

Take note, so that you don’t go blank the next time you want to wear your favourite boots.

Boots with a printed dress

Yes, the printed dresses are back and they go well with everything, including boots. Give a country or chic touch to a fine-knit dress with a coat in the style of María Fernández Rubíes. You only need to add a classic hat to create the perfect outfit.


Mini skirt and contrasting boots

The mix of a mini skirt and high boots is perfect for those who want to show some leg, but not too much. The mini skirt is a key piece for the warm season and it is an excellent ally for the hotter days. Soon, it is time to take them out of the drawer and wear them on the streets with contrasting boots.


Jeans and boots

Now, boots are worn like this, with tucked-in slouchy jeans. If you do not believe us, we leave you this look of Natasha Poly, who always inspires us with super versatile and combinable garments.

Poly is wearing a black blouse, white jeans and beige boots (the trend colour)…, a belt and a small, black bag. Every garment she wears is worthy of the ideal wardrobe. She can don the jacket if the sun gets too warm.


Equestrian look

Certainly, when you are going riding, but also even if you are just emulating the eternally stylish equestrian look, you need boots. Marta González and her friend show us why a cap or hat, fitted jacket, breeches and boots is a nice ensemble.

The boots that will solve your outfits are from T.ba

Now that you have seen how good boots look in any situation, we show you the design of T.ba that might become your favourite: The buckle boots.

They are made of leather and have a timeless design so that you can enjoy them year after year as long as you also care for them.

Would you like to get hold of them? Send an email or visit your T.ba store and see the new clothes for the season at the same time.



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