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The cold-weather essential you need is a scarf. It is also the perfect gift.

Year after year, we bring the scarfs out and wrap ourselves in them. They shield us against the chilly weather almost every day. In fact, sometimes the scarf is our most visible garment – together with the coat. So, if you want a unique and warming scarf, this post is for you. AW19

At, we are prepared. We have the luxe scarfs and other accessories you want to update your winter look. And, best of all, all items can be combined with any of our garments to create multiple, easy-chic and stunning outfits. scarf with the Monet Hand-Painted Coat

Velvet Scarf

If you pay attention to the fabrics, you will noticed that velvet is number one, in clothes as well as in bags. Everyone is captivated by the shiny material.

This scarf is reversible. One side is in light brown velvet, and the other in exotic paisley – both ideal winter tones. Trust us, the scarf can make you happy even on the grimmest days.

You can also bring it inside. A cute combination is this scarf with our Gipsy shirt. Scarfs are great for a boho chic look. total look. The model wears a scarf with
the Gipsy shirt in green, jeans and slippers.

Small Fur Scarf

If you are looking for comfort and beauty, we have the right look for you. This black fur scarf is suitable to use under the coat or jacket. It is so soft and practical, and small, so that you can take it with you everywhere. You are sure to never let it go!

Black velvet jacket, Lizzie blouse.

Long Faux Fur Scarf

There is really nothing more chic or comfortable than wearing this scarf around your neck. The maxi-size piece has a lovely thickness and furry texture that will shelter you – come what may. In addition, the brown colour and intensity of the garment will add touch of glamour to your winter looks.

Long scarf with coat.

Are you ready to find the scarf of your dreams? It will surely add that extra to your coats and jackets. Come by one of our stores to discover all the wonders that are waiting for you.


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