She’s Got the Look

With star accessories such as’s hat and gorget, you can take your style to a new level this winter. These accessories truly transform a look from ordinary to sensational.

The Hat

The hat not only protects us from the sun, it also gives us shelter from rain and cold. Just think about how useful the hat is during winter. Furthermore, besides being practical, it adds much glamor.

The Ruff

The ruff is an ancient piece of ornament for good reason. For centuries, it was a fashion statement and sign of status. Just think about the regal portraits of Queen Elizabeth I and Empress Isabella of Portugal. And Diana.

Well, now you can get your own ruff! It will add light to your face as well as timeless elegance and femininity to your look.

At, we always have several hat and choker models, but these days, the winged black pamela and the gorget are our favourites. How beautiful are they?

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