The Most Wanted Fabric this Season

The arrival of the cold season is here. Today, far from intending to miss summer, we will show you the most wanted fabric, preferred by elegant fashionistas everywhere. It is a fabric that can even make you long for the arrival of autumn and winter. We are talking about jacquard


The first noteworthy aspect of jacquard is that its pattern is neither embroidered nor printed, but woven directly into the fabric. This allows for exquisite, unique and incomparable designs. Jacquard’s history started with brocade back in antiquity. However, it was really launched in its modern form by the French inventor Joseph Marie Jacquard who made a special loom in the early 1800s.  

Fabrics made with this technique ensure a smooth garment, incredibly soft to touch, with a resistance to wrinkles. The thread is interwoven in different directions, something which provides greater durability. This makes a work of jacquard a sustainable and everlasting piece.’s jacquard items this season

The longevity is important to us because is a sustainable brand thanks to its considered materials and manufacturing processes. 

Using only natural materials for its manufacture, includes jacquard to add a complex aesthetic of elaborate patterns to our designs. It also adds a bohemian flavour to an elegant outfit. Also, jacquard is suitable for any occasion – including the formal ones – due to its unique beauty.

Two irresistible looks

So, how can you wear jacquard this season? We have several items in this luxurious material ready in our shops and eshop. But, let us start with the two looks below:

Look 1

For street style, we propose a an irresistible combination for early fall. Namely, this look that will work for any time of the day, both in and out of the city.

Jazz jacket in jacquard; Bolonia top; jeans in dark blue; DH black slippers.

Look 2 

If, on the other hand, jeans is not your thing, we have plenty of other alternatives. The second look is one in earthly tones that evoke the origins of the brand and the countryside. Indeed, it is a combination that is bound to impress:

Kasaka Kaira Jacquard; Monet shirt; Gnu khaki pants; Elastic Booties brown.

Now, we wonder, which look would you wear? How do you plan to face the arrival of the cold seasons in style? Perhaps you would like to try to the most wanted fabric jacquard?

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