Everything you need to know about tweed

Tweed is an eternally fashionable and practical fabric. At T.ba, we use this iconic fabric in many of our garments and products. But what are the origins of tweed?

T.ba Jazz tweed jacket lux and Gipsy tweed vest.

The origins of tweed

The term tweed comes from its country of origin: Scotland. This traditional fabric is woven with wool which gives the tweed garments great durability, moist-resistance and firmness.

Tweed comes in different patterns, but most commonly in plain weave, herringbone, Prince of Wales check and twill. The colour is dyed and mixed before it is spun, resulting in interesting colour effects.

From the country to the city

The elite made tweed a favoured country sportswear in the early 1800s. Ever since, it has been essential for outdoor activities such as shooting and hunting.

Subsequently, tweed was included in haute couture. Coco Chanel redesigned the male three-piece tweed suit for women in the 1920s, and thereafter, tweed has been characteristic of the brand.

T.ba Monet short coat in tweed.

T.ba’s tweed

As a brand rooted in countryside wear, tweed is essential in T.ba’s autumn and winter collections. Tweed provides the longevity in garments to which T.ba aspires as durability and timelessness are fundamental pillars of the brand.

We design and manufacture our own tweed fabrics, all made of 100% wool. We make the garments in our workshops in Spain, along with the linings and buttons that complement the tweed jackets and coats.

T.ba St.Petersburg coat in green tweed.

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