The perfect look for the countryside

María de la Orden knows it and we will share the inspiration with you. The Paris-based Spanish influencer just published a perfect look for the countryside on her social networks. It is undoubtedly a lesson in how to create a top country look.

An inspirational field look

Those who love the countryside, never have excuses to plan a trip out, whatever the season. Nowadays, it is getting colder. But still, when it comes to planning your outfit for a trip to the countryside, there are several things that everyone agrees on: earthy colours (brown, green, khaki), as well as comfortable clothes and shoes, are sure hits.

A plaid shirt with a sweater or vest keeps you warm in style. A wool blazer or an American-style jacket is a nice option, especially if it is in herringbone and classic in style. Hacking jacket in tweed

Leather skirt and boots

For the lower part, we face the eternal question: skirt or pants? The best idea is always to go with what you feel most comfortable with. It is true that jeans are very useful, and classic beige chinos also look great, but a long skirt is a wonderful option, especially if you choose one in a suitable design.

María de la Orden bets on a leather model from that is dear to us. The skirt is inspired by the Spanish zahones, traditional leather chaps worn for horse riding and hunting.


On your feet? We think the best choice will always be’s leather boots!

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