The style of Adenorah

Anne Laure Mais is the woman behind Adenorah. Under the pseudonym on Instagram, the French influencer shares her looks with her more than half a million followers every day. A whole legion is inspired by the style of Adenorah and her “je ne sais quoi” French touch. The thing is, the Parisian has a classic style with very feminine touches. So, which are the basic pieces in her closet that always make her look perfect? We will tell you.

The four basic items in Adenorah’s closet

A jacket suit

Adenorah uses a jacket and pants suit on multiple occasions. This is a formula that is becoming increasingly popular due to its enormous versatility and the elegance it gives you. Adenorah combines it in various ways: with shirts, sweaters, and even alone, an option with a high dose of sensuality. This last option is great for going out to dinner or for a party. Linen pants

The midi skirt

After months wearing pants and socks, few things are more appealing than stepping into a skirt and sandals. Adenorah usually opts for comfortable pieces in neutral colours such as beige or grey which she combines with classic shirts.

Tiziano skirt

The tailored vest

The tailored vest is another of her wardrobe essentials. In winter, she styles it with shirts and jumpers. Whereas in summer, she is on-trend, wearing the vest as a top, giving it all the prominence it deserves.

Gypsy Linen Lux Vest

The pleated pants

Another favourite of hers is the pleated pants. She likes to wear it in light or earth tones, such as here, a beige piece with a high waist. This opens for a large number of combinations – you can tuck the shirt inside the pants or combine them with a cropped item, thus to give your outfit a more casual touch. Sksw Pants

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