The Treasure: boots’s boots is a real game changer.

Simply because they are a beautiful pair of boots. They are a a safe choice to give you impeccable style both in the city and the countryside. And their style and durability ensure that they will accompany you year after year.

Hand-made in Spain, in the finest leather and materials, they are a joy to put on. Most people go wild about the red, leather lining and the beautiful details.

How to wear them?

To a party

We already have the motivation to go to all the parties of the season. Now, we just need to know how to dress for each occasion. Why not take full advantage of the high boots?

You can wear high boots with everything. In fall, you can style them with mini skirts. However, in winter, the most stylish and comfortable option is boots with longer skirts and pants.

With skirts

Skirts in dense and warm fabrics will make you feel super warm and stylish. An innovative and comfortable look is acquired by combining a long skirt with black boots.

Capes and Kasakas

If you are looking for something instantly elegant, we have several different velvet covers for you. This particular one comes from The Gypsy Collection with hand-painted fabric. Worn with your favourite boots, you are ready for a magic day and evening.

With Pants

A safe option is wearing your boots with jeans, but did you know that they can be worn in different styles? The boots will look just right with slouchy pants – with high waists and extra volume. And of course, skinny pants too.

Out riding’s relationship to the world of horses is close. The designer has been riding her whole life and knows that quality and fit is essential for a good pair of riding boots.’s boots give you personality and comfort on the horse. This is our favourite way to wear them as little beats a fun galopp in the fields!

All the boots can be seen in’s stores in London and Madrid. However, if you contact directly, we can tailor-make boots per your personal measurements.


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Dear Hans A. van Luijken, we are delighted to hear that. Yes, if you contact in London, they can help you order a new pair. They can also help you with the size, model and calf width. All the best from blog.

Do you have any of the woman’s tall boots available in a size US 10 or 41. M calf ? I have been trying to order
On your website and there is nothing available even thought it show a there is availability. I would love to order from
You. Thanks

Hello Vasilka, I have forwarded your request to You could also contact us by this email to have someone help you to order the correct boots. Thank you! All the best, Ane (blog)

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