Three chic summer suits

In a tailored suit, you will not only be the best-dressed guest, but you also invest in versatile items that you can dress up and down forever.

Have a look at’s summer suits in three different hues.

1/ Beige

A totally irresistible suit for summer: The Swing jacket matched with The vest and Straps pants.

The creamy tone and classic cut makes this suit stand out in the day as much as in a party setting.

To the left: Swing jacket, vest and Straps pants

2/ Leaf green + Pistachio

A fresh, vibrant tone for summer is pistachio. The chic Daria bustier and Straps pants in this tone are cleverly matched with The stunning Bolero jacket in green leaf.

This jacket is inspired by the Spanish Marsellés jacket. It has a boxy cut with elegant lapels and is cut short in the back to reveal the waist.

The Daria bustier and Straps pants in pistachio. The Bolero jacket in green leaf

3/ Hunting green

The suit in hunting green is another choice when you want something stylish that you also can wear later on a day-to-day basis. This is the vest and Straps pants matched with the Jaipur sash. vest and The Straps pants in hunting green

Jacket and skirt

If you are looking for something else, look no further than to the Bolero jacket and Bolero skirt. This duo is simply unique and one of the novel designs inspired by the pilgrimage to El Rocío in the south of Spain.

The Bolero jacket and skirt in hunting green


Style your three piece suit with a long necklace or a sash. The Jaipur sash features hand-made embroideries and come in several, matching hues. The sandals from the brand are also ideal to complement a summer celebration.

The vest styled with a long necklace from the brand.

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