Three Stylish Office Looks for Fall

It’s been a while, but finally, we are all back at the office. What joy it brings to be able to dress up and meet our colleagues again! Here, we have three stylish office looks for fall. Which is your choice?

Look 1: The Classic

The black jacket, white shirt and jeans combo is a real classic. For numerous reasons, it is a favourite among many because of the comfort and efficiency these pieces provide. The distinction of this look is decided by the fit and quality of these garments.

Here, we have chosen a jacket that goes a step beyond the traditional blazer, namely the Jazz Jacket in Black Crepe. This garment has lately become one of the emblematic pieces of’s identity. Every detail of this jacket is exclusive to the brand: The shape of the collar, the central closure with two black jewel buttons and lapels on both sides.

The other central piece is a jeans that really shapes your silhouette. At, we have one jeans model, but this one is just perfect. For the classic look, we opted for the dark blue version. For the final touch, match the jacket and jeans with black velvet slippers and the Mina blouse.

Look 2: The Fresh

This combination is made especially for those who are looking for a fresh and somewhat informal style in the office. It is always a good idea to keep garments in your wardrobe that can be easily combined and quickly put together before leaving home. Indeed, this is the case of Sharkskin Pants in dust and the Jazz shirt in black satin. The pants have a straight cut and powder colour and the shirt is a true everyday hero that can also be dressed up for weekends or drinks after work. This is a fresh two-colour combination for any time of the week. Here, we have added our best-selling booties in beige.

And then, if you want to add something extra, for example for rainy days, we invite you to discover our collection of berets and hats, which will give the look a personal touch.

Look 3. The Grandiose

The recent year and a half, being confined to the home, has left us with a desire of light tones and tasty materials. And opportunities to dress up. Therefore, we offer a most dynamic and elegant duo, which is also wonderful for work. This is the Jazz Jacket in Velvet Rose and the matching Maxi Pants. Add velvet slippers and a choker for maximum effect. A somewhat grandiose and groundbreaking set that will make everyone happy.

Have a look at more suits for the city by and come by our shops to see more!

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