Top picks this winter

Today, you can explore some of’s best sellers this winter. Embrace the essence of with our top picks.

Here is your chance to stay effortlessly elegant and comfortable throughout the season.

1. A feminine nightdress

The Camille Nightdress

The Camille Nightdress by Dreaming Habits is made in 100% linen. Our customers celebrate the comfort and style this brings. According to sleep experts, the best sleepwear is in linen. The Camille nightdress also features beautiful lace trims, a halter neck with gathering ties. And you can style it with a vest and jacket for daytime wear.

2. The forever jacket

The Greta jacket is the kind of jacket that will instantly turn an informal jeans-and-t-shirt look into something that oozes sophistication. A very nice feature is the little hem in the back. The khaki toned tweed is warm, pretty and extremely versatile.

The Greta jacket with matching skirt and Brown Straps boots. All items come from the brand.

3. The Duke pouch

The Duke pouch is something that you cannot find anywhere else. Put it on a leather belt and you’re off! You can use this to enhance your waist and to tie all those warm layers together. It looks as chic in the city as in the countryside.

The Vail vest and Duke pouch over The Georgiana nightdress.

4. Vests

Our much-loved vests are always going strong. These wardrobe essentials are perfect for creating warm, elegant and comfortable ensembles for everyday wear. The vests are hero items that work on that interesting space between the masculine and feminine. However, the top picks this winter, the Bolero vest, is utterly feminine.

The Bolero vest in jacquard, The Maxi coat in jacquard, The Bolero jacket in velvet jade, pants, blouse and jewelry by the brand.

5. Riding boots

No surprise, boots are essential for the cold-weather wardrobe. However this season, riding styles have been reigning supreme all around.’s modern boots are genuinely equestrian classics and very popular among our clients.

Buckles boots in beige, The Maxi coat in jacquard and Rock pullover and The Georgiana nightdress.

Put your best foot forward and make your winter unforgettable with the our top picks this winter.

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