Inspirational transitional dressing

How to master transitional dressing between winter and spring?

A long or short tweed coat in is an indispensable garment for this time of the year. One that is perfect for elegant layering and goes with everything.

Today, we will also put in a warm argument for the cape.


Let us have a look at some of the best-dressed women around to see how they do it. Their outfit formula is built around classic, hard-working essentials that can be mixed and matched endlessly.

Neutral and practical accessories are also key to be ready for all kinds of weather: leather bags, gloves and sunglasses.

You can count on to always have a selection of classic and new coats in store. Let us show you some of the most celebrated models at the moment.

The Verdi coat

The Verdi long coat is a tweed coat that comes in green, grey and black. It has broad lapels and a stunning silhouette. The silk lining ensures that layering is easy and comfortable. This is a good and lasting choice for transitional dressing. The coat is easy to style up and down too.

The Medallion short coat

The Medallion short coat is a fantastic frock coat. It has a Mao collar with golden medallions on the velvet trim. Naturally, it is made in 100% wool. This also has a silk lining, thus making it easy to layer with jerseys, vests and shirts.

The Medallion short coat

Georgia kasaka in black velvet

We are running out of this model for good reason. The Georgia kasaka in black velvet has a fluid design and bat sleeves that makes it ideal on top of most outfits. Like here, over a vest, but also over a tweed jacket or coat. It has no lining. capes and kasakas

The St.Petersburg short coat in jerez

The St. Petersburg short coat in jerez is another transitional star item. This classic short coat is made of wool. It has long sleeves with openings at the cuff and pockets. The natural fur on the front is recycled.

St. Petersburg short coat in jerez

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