Celebrate Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. Find your perfect gifts and wish list ideas with the help of T.ba.

This year, we also want to celebrate love for quality, good craftsmanship, creativity, Spanish design and our nature. All these loves are inherit in the brand T.ba and very important to us.

T.ba Rubens jacket in velvet, T.ba blouse and T.ba belt with velvet, chain and faux fur details.

Surprise someone…

Do you know someone who deserve something extra? For St. Valentine’s Day, it is an unforgettable gesture to give someone a rewarding present. 

Accessories are wise choices for these kinds of gifts. As will be shown below, these and other T.ba accessories can be used in multiple ways and are therefore very useful and popular.

…with a belt

For example, a decorative chain belt.

T.ba classic coat and chain belt from T.ba
T.ba total look.

Visit T.ba’s stores to see the many different models of the chain belts which add so much to the outfit. As shown, they can be worn both around the waist and around the neck. Very versatile!

…or a bag

Double Cartridge bag

Giving and receiving a bag is equally fun, don’t you think? And for the nature lover, what better choice than the Double Cartridge Bag in sand?

T.ba Double Cartridge bag

This is a Spanish version of the classic cartridge bag with double pouches attached to a belt. The material is coloured by T.ba in a natural process and also comes in grey. This will keep your keys and things in order.

Fur bag

T.ba’s Fur Bag is a classic from the brand. This is a real gem for both city and countryside wear. It comes in the finest leather and sports exquisite details such a lovely tweed interior, leather tassel and a hidden rabbit fur pocket to warm your hands on a cold day.

Caring is loving: T.ba’s Fur Bag will carry your things and warm your hands.

For your wish-list

As Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, the special person you are thinking about could also be yourself!

If you are looking to treat yourself, we have some last ideas for you to put on your wish list for Valentine’s Day:

Essentials of high quality

In the stores, there are many romantic gift ideas. Here: T.ba ballerinas, clutch, turtleneck and necklace

A cape

T.ba Da Vinci cape, bag and boots

A Da Vinci cape is a dream piece. Celebrate love: Invest now and keep forever.

A Celebration of Love

Are you going on a date? We would love to dress you up in an elegant and romantic outfit for your Valentine’s Day date.

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