Are you planning a chic getaway? What to pack? and Dreaming Habits help you pack the prefect bag for a chic getaway. Perhaps you won’t travel to Italy or overseas this year, but rather somewhere closer to your home? Nevertheless, do remember: You don’t have to travel far to explore the world.

It’s safe to say we all deserve to spend a long weekend out of our homes soon!

Ideas for the weekend bag

We have previously made a list of good advice you can use when making the perfect weekend bag. When packing your bag, bet on clothes in natural hues and clean looks. This way, you can easily combine the items. For example, go for a green or golden look as a basis.

A Jazz set from

This coordinated set in gold consist of three new pieces: the Bolero Tulle BustierJazz Linen Jacket and Linen Pants. Styled with wedges, this is an ideal getaway look that will take you far. You can also find several matching items to go with this set.

The point is to have a set with with you can easily mix and match your clothes with minimum effort to a maximum effect.

A quite similar Jazz set in the colour emerald can be below, consisting of a jacket, vest and trousers. The jacket is a blazer with lapel collar and long sleeves, frontal pockets and bejewelled buttons.

Jazz Lux Jacket, Gypsy Lux vest and Linen pants

Bring a hat to your chic getaway

Certainly, you will thank yourself if you brought your favourite hat along. If you are looking for a new model, we have several that we believe you will like in our stores. According to us, a hat is one of the five things you need for the summer holiday.

Remember your Dreaming Habit

As nighttime approaches, it will be great to have brought beautiful and comfortable nightwear along. Dreaming Habits is’s nightwear collection, born to make you dream. By using natural fabrics and comfortable, and pretty designs, we hope to make you feel your best from sunset to sunrise.

This set is made up of the Top Jane and Sunrise short, both in linen. As with most of the models from Dreaming Habits, you can choose different colours on the velvet ribbons as you desire.

We love to see your outfits as you travel. Please tag us in your social media. We wish you a great trip!

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