What to Wear? 3 plans, 3 looks

The autumn season has arrived. It is time to renew our wardrobe and consider a a new turn. However, one in which you keep with your style.

So today, we give you three simple, yet chic styling solutions for three special occasions. However, the best of all, is that you can always mix and improvise with these garments for numerous days and events because all the items are very versatile.

The formal event

If you have an autumn wedding on your agenda, this is an opportunity to find a fantastic outfit. At T.ba we propose this one:

Long pants and a long linen coat. This you can complement with a clutch bag with metallic applications, and what about, as a leading piece, a hat with a large brim?

Most certainly, you would look spectacular. Also, The Classic Coat in green velvet is a warmer option.

An excursion

There are times when we have a specific plan, but we don’t have the remote idea of ​​what to wear or to pack. To avoid unnecessary stress, we propose this incredible look for fall. It is ready to use on your mountain walks with your friends or partner. Consider the leather boots and a cape key pieces for fall.

We love this idea because you can use the garments in future seasons and endless contexts … Can you for example imagine this cover with jeans and heels around the city?

The city

Lastly, with the city in mind, we have the ideal look. A long-sleeved semi-transparent blouse. This is the Gypsy Shirt in burgundy. Here, it is combined with a velvet scarf it is a charismatic combo of textures and colors. And the rest? Straight jeans and flats. Comfort and style, 100% assured.

In our London and Madrid shops, we have these and many, many more options for you to FALL in love!

Gypsy shirt and T.ba jeans

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