Why invest in linen sleepwear?

Most people say sleeping in their first linen bed set or linen sleepwear is a life changing experience. Why? Simply because linen is an unrivalled fabric for a number of reasons.

Today, we sum up some of those reasons. We have a new collection of linen sleepwear out which is absolutely stunning. Read on to find out why you should invest in linen while summer is still here.


Linen is a comfortable, breathable fabric. It will make you keep cool. You will wake up well rested, even after humid nights with hot temperatures, because linen releases moisture. Linen is also very light and kind to your skin.

Lille top in linen with matching pants.


Linen has been used for thousands of years. It was popular among the Romans and pharaohs for good reason. Linen simply looks good.

It is especially classy when worn with matching items and thus makes for the ideal loungewear.

Jane top and Sunrise shorts.

Eco friendly

Linen is a natural and eco friendly fabric. The production of linen requires far less water than cotton, for example. Also, all parts of the flax plant are used, not only to make fabrics, but also seeds and other products.

Leave small ecological footprints in Dreaming Habits’ linen sleepwear.


Linen only gets softer and better each time you wear and wash the fabric. When cared for, it can last for decades. Safe to say, linen is one of the strongest and most durable fabrics there is.

The Queen robe in ultra soft linen.

Dreaming Habits’ linen sleepwear

Dreaming Habits‘ new items in linen are bound to enhance your quality sleep. A significant bonus is the design and details which are very feminine and eternally stylish.

The items are sent in delicate and beautiful wrapping, which makes them an ideal gift – for a loved one – or to yourself.

The Georgiana nightdress lux.

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