Winter Coats

This is when the winter coats are the protagonists of the streets. Today, we will inspire you with some fabulous looks. Here, you can join in on the analysis and see how to replicate them with a

Lady Addict with a Fur Coat

Fur coats always bring sophistication. Lady Addict has opted for a brown design with a little colour to lift the mood. She is using a black on black basis, which is an excellent option for any day.

Her style can easily be replicated with this coat. The St.Petersburg coat has the right brown colour and it is trimmed with the finest tweed. The long fur is faux fur, a classic and glamorous detail.

María F. Rubies’ Velvet Look

Now, lets look at velvet. We see velvet in many types of garments and accessories. When being wrapped in this texture, it is like you are transported to another era. As is the case with María F. Rubíes. She does however, give her look a more modern touch with a purple bag to create an interesting contrast.

A star garment to succeed with this look is the Classic coat. This will be the talk of the night for all the right reasons, as well as any day with sneakers and a pair of jeans.

Lucia Cuesta Going for Black

Lucía Cuesta faces winter in the best way with a garment that does not fail: The black coat. This garment will take you a long way: From a casual outfit like the one in the photo with jeans, white T-shirt and a knitted sweater, to a more formal look dinner or even wedding look. Do you like it? Well, with the short coat called Rubens, you can wear a similar style.


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Dear Sir or Madam,

do you have a coat with fur? I tried a long black coat at the IWA trade fair.

I am very interested in this coat. Is it possible to buy a similar one from you?

My height is 34. I found the coat on your online shop, but in brown …

Could you please help me? Thanks for your feedback. Thanks for your effort…

Sincerely, Paulusová

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

haben Sie einen Mantel mit Pelz? Ich habe in IWA Messe einen langen schwarzen Mantel probiert.  Ich habe grosse Interesse für diesen Mantel. Ist es die Möglichkeit einen ähnlichen bei Ihnen zu kaufen? Meine Grösse ist 34 . Auf Ihrem online Shop habe ich den Mantel gefunden , aber in braun…Könnten Sie mir bitte helfen? Danke für Ihre Rückmeldung…. Danke für Ihre Mühe…

Mit freundlichen  Grüssen Paulusová

Dear Madam Paulusová, thank you very much for your request. I will pass it on to the sales department and they will respond to you directly. All the best blog xxx

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