Winter wedding

Winter weddings are the most elegant. Let us inspire you to feel your best and be the best-dressed guest at the next winter wedding you attend.

Be the party

Elevate your festive wardrobe with items that you can mix and wear for a long time.¬†Whether you prefer timeless elegance, romantic silhouettes, or stunning velvet, we have the perfect outfit ready. Don’t just go to the party – be the party.

Timeless elegance

Blend wonderful fabrics to create an interesting and classical look. The gold hued Goa dress in silk velvet with The Classic short coat in tweed looks simply wonderful on a winter day. A fur-lined kasaka is a brilliant cover-up. Depending on the weather, you can wear it with heels or boots.

Romantic silhouettes

The Classic coat in khaki velvet and The Goa lux dress is a celebrated ensemble. The dress is from the LTD23 collection with very few, hand-made pieces. The layers, lace and natural allure of the khaki colour make this a perfect winter wedding attire. Style it with your preferred shoes, almost anything goes.

Stunning velvet

A velvet dress or coat in rich jewel tones such as emerald or navy exude sophistication and warmth. To style it, you can elevate your velvet attire with accessories that complement the fabric’s lush texture. For example, metallic accents like gold or silver. Finally, velvet heels, velvet slippers or ankle boots are some of the options you can consider.

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